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Why Franchising is Attractive

If your a franchiser looking for franchisees, it’s worth considering what’s attractive about franchising and how you can integrate that into your marketing message.   An businessman looking to start a pizza restaurant has two choices.  He can either start … Continued

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Franchisers Are Entrepreneurs

Here is a consideration if you’re thinking of franchising your business:  there is no such thing as a franchiser who’s a freelancer. Freelancing and franchising are mutually exclusive.  When you freelance, you cannot franchise your business. Because a freelancer is … Continued

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Originality Saturation

Just how open are some markets to franchising?  How much demand is there? Have we hit saturation with take-and-bake pizza shops yet?  Or sub sandwiches? Are we still waiting for the best health center franchise?  Is the need even tapped … Continued

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Why You Need a Franchise Content Hub

In today’s digital marketing environment, it’s important to have one place where you can control and centralize your franchise marketing content. Facebook.  Tublr.  Twitter.  Medium.  Instagram.  Pinterest… The list seems to grow everyday.  A new social media platform, an new … Continued

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Time is Salary

We all know the old mantra that time is money.  And to many franchise owners, time is salary. If you have management level employees within your franchise working on salary, your first impulse is probably to let them work as … Continued

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The Authentic Franchise

What’s your opinion of a Picasso painting when: You’re in a world famous museum viewing the original painting, vs. When you’re sitting on the toilet at your Aunt’s house looking at the print she bought at Wal-mart. The artistry of … Continued

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Perspectives On Franchising

Why do people look to franchises for career opportunities?  Why do they choose franchising over business ownership?  Why do businesses look to the franchise model to expand?  Here are some insights from experienced franchise professionals.  Paul Segreto put together a … Continued

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You’re Only As Good As Your Worst

…or so it seems, to the public eye. The public will judge your franchise brand – usually – with too little information.  Unfortunately, when it is judged, it’s often judged on the loudest, most bombastic, arrogant, selfish, stupid, or mean … Continued

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Do You Want to Franchise?

What are the organizational choices your prepared to make as a business professional?  How big (or small) do you want to be?  Consider what you want from your business and life.  You could be anything from a freelancer to starting … Continued

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